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Birmingham, West Midlands

Winter Garden Maintenance

As the cold nights draw in and the frosty dew settles in the morning your garden may need that little extra care and attention. We offer Winter Garden Maintenance at affordable prices. Whether it's sweeping away dead leaves or making sure your spring bulbs are ready for next year we can help. Winter is a great time to remove any unwanted plants or to have the big garden makeover you have been thinking about for the last few years. Did you know that the Law protects wild nesting birds? You cannot deliberately disturb them between early March and late July, so winter is a great opportunity to remove any woody plants or shrubbery.

Our Key Services

If you have a Gardening job that isn’t listed below, we will still likely be able to help you so please do get in touch.


Garden maintenance

Maintaining your garden can be hard work at times and knowing what to do at what time of year can become a little overwhelming. We offer weekly, Bi-Weekly or monthly maintenance packages.

Grass cutting, strimming and aftercare

If you value your free time and hate grass being dragged through the house or sore hands after pushing the lawn mover that wouldn't work then look any further.

Laying new turf and grass seeding

We have all seen poorly laid turf or patchy grass and got a little disheartened. Well with our expert turf and seeding experts you can look at your fresh lawn with pride and contentment this year.

Supply and fitting of fence panels

Has the wind knocked your fencing down or are you looking to upgrade? We can help replace or supply your fence panels to give your beloved garden the spruce up it needs.

Garden clearance and tidy up

Have you just bought a new house or had a tenant leave your garden in an untidy state? Our Garden clearance and tidy up is perfect if you are short of time and need your garden clearing.

General pruning and care of beds and borders

Pruning your plants can give them the lease of life they need to flourish. Fed up of not being able to see those clear borderlines that your garden once had? We can help you.

Cultivation, weeding and mulching borders

Let us get rid of those weeds damaging your other beautiful plants and bushes. We can also turn over your soil so your garden is looking fresh allowing air, water and nutrients to flow.

Garden painting

Every now and then the garden shed may need a touch-up or the back garden gate will need a lick of paint. Why not leave it to the experts and put your feet up whilst the hard work is done for you.

Some Of Our Latest Projects

We make the impossible, possible.


Please see below some of our recent work, we can help with small and large gardening projects.


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